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Darren Thomas

A Man with Imagination


Darren Thomas is the Founder and Lead Pastor of REBIRTH Worship Center in Columbus, Ohio.

His apostolic and declarative voice has afforded him travel across the United States, The United Kingdom, Jamaica, Germany, Italy, Africa and other locations as a declarer of truth with an emphasis in Levitical Worship and nowcasting The Kingdom.  


Musically, he is an accomplished writer/producer with music placement on Billboard Music at position #3, as well as, ASCAP Awards for music performed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and CSPAN, Stellar Nominations, a Latin Grammy Nomination and other commendations. His music was personally requested by President Bill Clinton for both of his inaugurals, as well as, requested performances of Ohio Senators and the like.  His music was chosen by the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem for the Jubilee Feast. He has written two full length oratorios [Forgiven and Rapture] and was a recurrent guest artist with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra and guest of The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. His performing arts ensemble MPAC performed on stage with The Trans Siberian Orchestra and members of The Voice. He has authored three books: When Zion Sings!, and Look Again: Matters of Perception, and Build It In Public! He served as Minister of Worship for his spiritual father the late honorable Bishop Norman L. Wagner for 20 years before transferring in assignment to Columbus, Ohio.

He is presently a student at Master’s International School of Divinity pursuing a double major that will align him with his dream of reaching the theological status of a rabbi. His goal is the merging of rabbinical theology with apostolic revelation. This will enable him to serve the kingdom and to mentor a present and coming generation in theological and biblical truth. 


He and his wife of 33 years Pastor Sonya are the proud parents of Pastor Brandon (Ciara), Preston (Crystal) and Randall; and joyous grandparents of Gavyn Marie.

Personal Mission



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